UFORM is a unique company with a unique product. We work with you to ensure optimal design, specifications and cost structure.

UFORM is Australia’s preferred and only provider of ProfilitTM glass walling systems, a unique Pilkington Group product solution with both external and internal applications.

This exciting architectural design solution offers a range of unmatched attributes and benefits to elevate your project into a new and striking territory.

In addition to supplying ProfilitTM walling systems, UFORM provides a complete service to all our clients, including design assistance, detailing, shop drawings and façade engineering for all projects.

We believe that collaboration ensures the best results. At each evolving stage of your project, we provide cost analysis for the completed works, and once finalised, we can assist your quantity surveyor with setting the necessary budgets, including handling, storage company access and indicative installation.

Importantly, UFORM is Australia’s only provider of a full manufacturer’s warranty, which no-one else can provide.

With commercial, domestic and public space potential, ProfilitTM walling systems offer stylish, durable design solutions that are visually striking as well as extremely practical.

ProfilitTM glass walling systems have both external and internal applications, allowing for seamless form and function from outdoor to indoor space.

Australian architects and designers are now discovering the unique offerings ProfilitTM can add to their designs, with several projects completed or now under construction. They are treating ProfilitTM as an integral aspect of their projects from the outset, rather than simply a cladding solution, and the results are both innovative and spectacular.

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